4-column-compact presses H4SP

The EXNER 4-column presses featured in the H4SP-series are suitable for embossing, coining, indenting, extruding, calibrating and stamping. They find application in medal coining, and in jewelry, glasses and watch manufacturing.

Achievement of high pressing forces in a relatively small daylight space is typical of these machines. Comprehensive equipment such as a hydraulic cutting impact dampening unit, automatic continuous stroking or a non-contact PLC control are among the main features.


The compact, robust design of these machines ensures low floor space accommodation on presses with a high pressing capacity.

Mechanically pre-tensioned columns ensure minimum deflection and maximum protection of your tools.

H 4 SP      Hydraulic 4-column stamping press
H4SP-B    Hydraulic 4-column stamping press 
                  with guided ram  

E4SP         4-column press   

E4SP-Z     4-column drawing press   

E4SPD      4-column twin-piston drawing press 
                  with guided ram  
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