Automation is essential for a production plant.
We supply various efficient automation systems for cost-efficient manufacturing. Our basic programme complements our presses in every detail. The environement in your plant canalso contribute to optimization. Our specialists will be only too please to give advice on site, without any obligation.

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The billets coming from the shear are transported to the weighing unit by a conveyor belt. Subsequent to the weighing the billets are forwarded onto a sorting belt conveyor. The sorting apparatus is equipped with various discharge gates enabling 5 different types to be sorted.

Magnetic portal (stacking device) and conveyor belt with sorting unit comprising:

Hinged chain conveyor SKB-T with sorting gate
For the leading and scrap ends with double-sided (single-sidedl) pushing device for stacking preparation and equipped with a visual jam control and sloping table plates.

Magnet portal STV-MP 800
For lifting and transferring the layers of billets (right/left) into the bin Traverse path in “x”  middle of bin, in “z” adjustable by diameter and number of layers. The magnetic power is also adjustable.

Our solution for lean and effective production.