SAV 140-H

This special system can transfer material bundles up to a weight of 5 tons into the V-mould for separation.

SAVH 140

The Schubert V-loaders separate the loaded bundles up to a diameter of approx. 140 mm and transfer the bars onto the roller conveyor (TRB).

SKB hinged chain conveyor

The hinged chain conveyor is suitable for transporting and separation of billets up to 60 mm in diameter.

Standard line

The EXNER standard line as a newly developed product range offers the proven EXNER-quality a the best possible prices.During the development phase, great attention was paid to components being identical. For example, all manufacturing parts as well as all future parts are of identcal design, only the frame construction is different.

STS 200

A high performance bar stock shear developed by Schubert which is especially used for con-rod or chain manufacturing.

STS 450

The premium product of the STS-series developed by Schubert. A very high operating efficiency because of a big range of machining tasks.

STS 800

 An upper-class machine developed by Schubert with a cutting performance up to 180 mm in diameter.